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Stop the BS – Be #Authentic

Moms have an impeccable BS reader. They have grown accustomed to refereeing heavy weight fights between siblings accusing each other of “starting it!” Moms have listened to copious reasons as to why on earth a child cannot get up from the couch to throw his/her own snack bag away. If moms know anything, they know how to spot BS.

So why do marketers continue to feed moms a sense of false reality? Why are moms still bombarded by the portrayal of what is deemed the perfect woman in size 2 clothing? Why are moms shown advertising that features white women far more than other skin colors and why are children portrayed as perfectly happy when we all know children are only perfectly happy about 10% of the time? (No, that stat has no scientific backing, but it sure does feel accurate!)

The Retail Federation’s 2019 Show discussed this very topic. The industry began talking about the notion of #authenticity and representation way back when DOVE launched its ground-breaking Real Beauty campaign and here we are, still talking about. How about instead of talking, we start doing? If you portray women in advertising realistically, your ads will score better in HerBrands's Cherish Testing, which means you'll score better with women and men and your marketing will actually drive more sales! This stat is backed! It’s backed by the Association of National Advertisers, the organization that spearheaded the #SeeHer movement. It’s time for you to help change the female narrative and it’s time for you to stop BSing mom. Remember, she can spot BS a mile away and she’ll shut you down as quickly as she shuts down the “I’m not touching him,” “I didn’t do it,” or “I don’t know where it is,” BS.

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