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The Key To Marketing With Women – Cherish Her

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

I assure you, there is no correlation between this assertion and the syrupy 80s ballad by Kool & The Gang. (The Kool & The Gang reference just sent half of you on a Google search to figure out what on earth I’m talking about, while the rest of you took a trip down memory lane to a time when there was no such thing as Google! OMG indeed!) While the notion of cherishing Her may sound old fashioned, we’re actually talking about valuing Her in the most modern sense of the term. If you want your messaging, social media and PR strategies to connect with your female audience, your KPI strategy needs to include Cherish Testing.

This new KPI is borne from a crucial learning found in an often confusing muddle of differences between men and women, which is that men want to be wanted, while women cherish being cherished. So, how does your brand show her she’s cherished? Will a loyalty program work? It will, but it isn’t enough. You need to do more than offer her a great deal. Layer Cherish Testing into your KPI strategy from the get-go – it’s that important – so that you can adjust your offering, your campaign, your business model, etc., to create a dynamic connection with your female audience.

There are several levels of Cherish Testing that your brand should pass, following are a few questions to get you started. Do you value her opinion? Does your messaging value her intelligence? Does your imagery value her strength? If your brand strategy and tactics can’t pass the Cherish Test, the rest of your KPIs won’t get you the WOW results you’re looking for either.

By adding Cherish Testing to your KPI strategy, you’ll create more than a future transaction with your female audience, you’ll create a loyal customer that believes in you enough to influence the loyalty of her friends, family, and children – it’s the key to marketing with women.

For the record, I can’t get that Kool & The Gang song out of my head.

Want to add Cherish Testing to your KPI strategy?

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