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How Brands Can Respond To The Impact of WFH On Women

Prior to COVID-19 becoming a reality, the WFH culture had already become more common place, but the virus’ turbulent introduction into our lives catapulted many of us into uncharted waters. Understanding the impact of WFH on women’s lives will help brands create relevant messaging and enable them to provide her with solutions she needs in this unpredictable new world. So, we asked the members of our SheThinks Advisory Board how they felt about working from home and a resounding 85% said they’re all for it. However, the majority of respondents felt that a balance of WFH and office would be ideal. That result supports the adage that too much of anything isn’t a good thing.

Before your brand can truly speak to her authentically, the following distinction, featured in Refinery29, should be made: “You are not working from home; you are at your home during a crisis trying to work.” That’s a game changer! Even if you don’t have children storming into your zoom call or a dog barking incessantly at the postal worker while you’re trying to lead a presentation, there’s a threat looming outside your door, so yeah, you’re stressed big time!

Here’s what women are stressing about as they WFH:

· The speed at which work is accelerating

· Sending cheerful messages, while the uncertainty of the future is the only certainty

· Calls going later into the evening and starting sooner in the day

· Losing already difficult to get face-to-face time that helps elevate their careers

· Being excessively accessible for fear of being pegged a slacker

· Homeschooling their children

· Trying to create a semblance of routine for their families

What brands can do to make meaningful connections with her:

· First, acknowledge the absurdity of the new norm

· Give her one less thing to worry about/simplify her day

· Create even the tiniest escape – a her-only moment

· Give her kids something amazing to do

· Fit into her new WFH routine or lack there of

· Share hope

· Be a company that acknowledges her concerns about WFH and support her growth

Knowing what she’s thinking and why has never been more important. Uncover actionable insights and create relevant messaging with our online SheThinks research. And, if your brand needs to refocus and recharge for the new norm, ask about our online BrandBuild workshops.

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