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HER RULES. – There are many, but these 3 will get you on the right path

Women are running for political office. They are claiming senior executive roles. They are drawing audiences of over 1B to their sporting events, starting more businesses than men and outpacing men in earned doctoral degrees. Women are fighting for the right to go to school and the right to drive – women are breaking the rules, rewriting the rules – it’s time for HER RULES. We’re talking about monumental societal shifts, so why is anyone surprised that women expect brands to break the rules too?

Throw the status quo out the window if you want to create more than a future transaction with your female audience.

So, what are her rules?

1) Be completely authentic, She wants you to see her, really see her. She wants you to commit to being authentic and to showing her authentically.

· 91% of female consumers would rather buy from an authentic brand

· 94% of female consumers will be loyal to companies that are transparent with their practices

2) Get to know her. She wants you to listen because she can’t hear you. Get out there and talk to her and let her speak her truth.

· 90% of women feel marginalized by advertising

3) Show her you’re breaking the rules to help her change the status quo – that’s how you’ll create an emotional connection with your female audience, which is an absolute must!

· Female customers who have an emotional connection with a brand have a 3x higher LTV (Lifetime Value)

Break the rules by following Her Rules and be the brand that women want to do business with.

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