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Earning Her Influence Starts With Qualitative Research And Its Evolution

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

I was reading an article recently that explained how qualitative research remains an important tool for organizations working to better communicate with their audiences. This is obviously no surprise to me because understanding what she’s thinking and why is the foundation upon which HerBrand helps clients build a loyal female customer base. The article went on to discuss the need for a qualitative research evolution to keep pace with feverishly-changing consumer behaviour. The evolution was in reference to how digital platforms have transformed our lives, and that was before COVID, which has turned normalcy completely upside down!

SheThinks, our proprietary, made for women qualitative research model, was reconfigured for online execution, which accommodates changing consumer behaviour and the new norm. What’s more, we ensured our unique model continues to offer female participants a research experience unlike any other, which is why we uncover truth bombs unlike any other!

The final point I found extremely interesting in this article was the call for researchers to become translators. I couldn’t agree more! The time for “The facts and just the facts,” has come and gone. Brands want actionable insights to implement into their strategic planning – they want the whole package. The SheThinks model is a research hybrid, so we already are translators. We deliver actionable insights from a strategic marketing perspective – we deliver research and marketing in one.

Three key items to remember about Qualitative Research:

· Qualitative research builds brands women want to do business with

· Qualitative research must evolve to keep pace with changing consumer behaviour

· Researchers must transform to Translators

If you’d like to learn more about SheThinks qualitative research, give us a shout at

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