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Research & Branding For Her
Earn Her Influence​

90% of women feel marginalized or misrepresented by advertising, they don't feel comfortable in traditional research settings and they respond differently to sales tactics than men. We help brands navigate these differences and make meaningful connections with their female audiences.


What's more, marketing effectively with women can help change the female narrative. And a new narrative creates a societal shift, which is good for her and your business.  We dig that! 

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take A brandlife journey

It doesn't matter how far down the road your brand already is because the journey is customized to meet your unique needs. You can take the entire journey or you can take a shorter trip with select elements. Either way, you'll win her heart and buying power. It's pretty cool!

Journey Elements 


The Dig is the discovery stage of the journey, where the excavation begins. Competitive and market analysis, brand evaluation, stakeholder interviews, and brand architecture design –  we dig until we strike GOLD!

Cherish Testing

Cherishing is about paying attention to the details because she notices the details and they matter to her.  We test your brand against key markers, from authenticity to imagery and messaging. The higher the score, the more likely you are to get, and keep her attention. 

SheThinks Research

If you're not listening to her the right way, she won't hear you. Truth! SheThinks research creates frank discussion and authentic responses in a comfortable environment made just for her – it's a truth bomb haven. 

Ask us about our
Online & In-Person Research Sessions.


BrandBuild Workshops

Your brand should be a living breathing entity with its own personality – BrandBuild Workshops bring your brand to life so you can get to know WHO your brand is and WHY. This is important: The depth of your belief in the brand has a direct correlation to her belief.

Engagement +

She needs to get to know you, so we'll make the introductions. From brand campaigns and strategic planning to social and more. We'll create more than a future transaction, we'll earn her influence, which will create a loyal customer that believes in you enough to influence her friends, family, and children.

What We Do
What We've Done
Smiling Friends

We've Helped Many
Earn Her Influence

Whether it's working with an amazingly diverse and dynamic group of brands, (scrollable below), or speaking at and hosting marketing to women conferences, being panel members, or contributing to the latest marketing to women articles, we've helped many earn her influence.


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Panel Member

Our Happy Clients

Emily’s dynamic and unique brand building journey helped us uncover key and actionable insights and united our team, making a shared brand vision possible and achievable. The workshops were engaging, productive and a lot of fun! We got brand building and team building in one.

Lynn, Vice President, Group Publisher, Canadian Living



When you take any part of the BrandLife Journey, you're earning her influence and her influence is worth it! On average, a woman will tell 22 people about a brand experience – let's get her talking about yours!

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