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Female Worker


Our way of leveling the playing field

You want to launch your own company and the first piece of advice you get from a friend is, “Be careful – owning your own business is really hard.” NO KIDDING!!!! You’re not starting your own business because it’s going to be easy, you’re starting it because you have a passion,  a dream that you want to bring to life. You’re the ultimate Rule-Breaker and we dig that about you!

But, while the number of female entrepreneurs is growing at twice the rate of men, women still only receive 4% of venture capital funding and have more difficulty securing loans, so we want to help level the playing field. Welcome to HerBrand's SheLaunch platform, where we give powerhouse female entrepreneurs the tools they need to get their new businesses off the ground and into profitability.

Dream it. We'll help you build it

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